Thursday, January 22, 2009

To Vaguely Go Where Others Have Gone Before...

We are Jessie and Jason and this is about the process of making our first movie. Welcome to our hell blog.

We are two overworked and underpaid twenty-somethings from Boulder, CO. Jason is obsessed with movies. Seriously, he needs to get over it. Maybe making one will help. Jessie is obsessed with industrial hemp. Jason is getting tired of hearing about it. She has been known to write a thing or two. Jason can't hold a pen. WIth Jason's movie geekiness and Jessie's pen-holding skills combined, they should be able to put something not-shitty together.

Here's the story so far, kids:

We've been working for almost two months on the preliminary stages of the screenplay. This means we don't have any script yet, but we have a vague roadmap of where we want to go. We think. Maybe. We know there are characters. And a plot. Kind of. It's all a little foggy.

Right now the movie is about 40 pages of green scribbling in Jessie's Moleskine and several poorly formatted text documents on Jason's computer. When we start talking about index cards, you'll know we mean business.

The general story is laid out, now we need to nail down the specifics. We are getting to know the main characters pretty well. Now that they have lives of their own, maybe they can write the screenplay for us. They're still not ready to meet the outside world, but we will introduce them in good time.

Some scenes have revealed themselves easily (like strippers) while others have taken a lot of coaxing (like nuns). Arguments have broken out, but there's been a surprising lack of fisticuffs so far. We have been known to swat each other on the arm, though. We are so mature.

We have thought about casting a smidgen, but we agree that it's little more than pipe dreams at this point. If we do get this cast, though, it will be bitchin'.

That's all we have for now. Jessie has been kept up long enough, and we both have "real" jobs to get to in the morning.

Signing off,
the Management

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