Friday, March 20, 2009

Communication Failure

Don't worry! I promise Jason and I are communicating just fine.

I'm worried that I'm having trouble explaining to people how awesome our movie is going to be. Whenever we tell people we're writing a movie, they ask us something along the lines of, "What's it about?" I have trouble deciding how to answer this question. "It's a romantic comedy about indie 20-somethings living in Boulder. And there are poly people!" doesn't really do it justice.

I'm not sure how much of our humor actually translates to other people, either. We certainly make other people laugh in daily life, but we make ourselves laugh even more. I've tried explaining a couple of the funny scenes we've come up with to various acquaintances, and they often don't get it. Perhaps I'm doing a bad job of explaining. I think a lot of our humor relies on visual cues. Also, we know the characters, so situational humor makes sense to us when it doesn't to people who don't know the whole story. I anticipate that I'll get better with practice at helping people understand that we're writing something entertaining. And maybe I'm just being paranoid.

Right now, one of the things Jason and I have been talking about is a logline for the movie. How do you describe a complex, psychological plot in two sentences without making it sound incredibly boring?

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