Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finally, Something to Report

Hello all! Sorry that there was not post last week, but we didn't really have anything new to say.

I'm happy to report that we were able to write this week after not getting anything done last week. We worked on the same scene I mentioned in the previous post, and after getting our thoughts together we added a page to the scene. I think this is a huge step forward for this movie. This is an important scene, where the chemistry between the main character and the love interest needs to be established. The scene works pretty well, and it is funny which is always the main concern. Now we just need to work on the next scene which is even more important and will most likely be a lot harder. Hooray!

Also of note, we came up with a new mantra today. It was "It can always be changed later" but then we promptly changed that to "Everything is better with rum." I wish I got paid to write. Even better would be getting paid to write drunk. Oh well.

Some friends of the blog might like to know that I recently purchased a cheap video camera which I will be using to make some short films over the summer. Nothing high minded, just looking to have fun. If anyone would like to help, let me know. Especially if you have sound equipment that can record sound separately. The microphone on this thing is crappy.

That's all for now, folks. Get home safe.

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  1. I don't have any sound equipment, but I do fancy myself a bit of an actress, if you need any stars or extras. I love being in amateur films, ha ha that sounds bad. But I actually didn't mean it that way, despite how it may seem. I'm sure you have all sorts of people who want to be in your movies, though. Just letting you know I have interest.