Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Really, It's All About the Money

First of all, pardon my inconsistency with writing on a regular basis. I'm a student as well as a nursing assistant, and my schedule can be a little crazy. Jason and I have also decided that, although this blog is important, we won't have anything to write about if we spend our precious time on the blog instead of actually writing the movie.

I probably won't always write on the same topics as Jason, but I think writing about why we want to make movies, and this movie specifically, is a good topic for the beginning of a blog about a movie.

My desire isn't as straightforward as Jason's. Like I said in my last post, I've been writing and making up stories since I was a young child. I never really thought seriously about writing a screenplay; I always fancied myself as a novelist or a poetess. However, I've always been interested in the performance arts. I took dance classes from ages 4 to 18, I took piano lessons after school, and played cello and sang in school. As a little girl, I had a trunk full of costume pieces and my friends and I would make up a story, dress up in improvised costumes and put on a show. Theater has always appealed to me. I also frickin' love movies.

I used to be a literature major. The study of literature involves a lot of looking at the devices the author uses and what messages they convey. Not only do I find this really fun and interesting, I'm also pretty good at it. Film allows for even more interpretation. Not only does one get to look at the words, the plot, the characters and the themes, but one can also examine the cinematography, the blocking, the production design, the lighting, etc., etc.

This not only appeals to me as a watcher of movies, but also as a writer. Having that many more tools to work with potentially makes the process of depicting a story richer and perhaps even more meaningful. I say this with complete and total respect for novelists and poets; I love those forms of writing as well, of course. Verse and prose allow for layers of meaning in different forms (metaphor, imagery, even meter and rhyme), and film does as well.

Plus, you know, it's fun. Jason and I have gotten a lot of work done on our story, but it's enjoyable work, even when we disagree about something. I anticipate that the rest of the process will be just as fun (and probably more).

Not to mention the potential for fame and fortune.

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